What is a CSA?

CSA stands for ‘community supported agriculture’. In most cases, a farmer allows community members to reserve ‘shares’ of their crop before the growing season begins. This allows the farmer a better estimate of the yield they will need for the coming growing season. The CSA also (and very importantly) allows the farmer to make important purchases like seeds, tools, and equipment.

What do I get?

This year, there are more options!

beautifully arranged bundle

this option will get you an arrangement of flowers that are ready to be displayed (minus the vase - you’ll provide that part)


just the flowers

This option is for the diy flower arranger! you’ll receive bundle of ingredients to make your own beautiful arrangement (PS - you should totally take a photo of what you made and either send it to me or tag me on social media)

half share or full share

a full share gets you 12 weeks of flowers during the summer

half share gets you 6 weeks of flowers

pick-up or delivery

pick-up locations are Saturdays at the Old Town Farers’ Market


Tuesdays at The Farm

Delivery will be on Tuesdays and will cost a bit more

What are the deets?

beautifully arranged bundle is $32/week

  • delivery is an additional $5/week

    • Full share with pick-up= $360

    • full share with delivery = $420

    • half share with pick-up = $180

    • half share with delivery = $210

Just the Flowers is $20/week

  • Delivery is an additional $5/week

    • Full share with pick-up = $240

    • Full share with delivery = $300

    • Half share with pick-up = $120

    • Half share with delivery = $150


  • once you sign up, I will send out more details about how it all works