Courtney Crouch farmer. Florist. Boss.

I am originally from Wichita, KS. For college I moved to Lawrence, where I attended the University of Kansas and studied Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Psychology. After graduating, I held many jobs, including one in the produce department at The Merc, where I was fortunate to meet many local farmers. After a short, misguided stint in graduate school, I worked at Moon on the Meadow, where I was introduced to the idea of growing cut flowers.

I was enamored.

Fortunately, land was not an issue. My grandparents purchased land in Rose Hill in the late sixties, where my parents moved after my high school graduation.

I began commuting between Rose Hill and Lawrence in 2016, working 5 days on my farm, and 2 in Lawrence. In 2017, we finalized the move and are now full time Rose Hillers.

I named the business Honey Butter Blooms as an homage to my grandparents - Grandpa raised bees and Grammy made honey butter.